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November 18, 2009

November 18th, 2009

The recent economic crisis appears to have shaken faith in markets and in competition policy, and there are accusations that nfettered competition has contributed to the crisis. If we mistake regulatory failure or market failure, we risk undermining the source of much of the wealth creation that ame from the opening of markets to competition. […]


November 18th, 2009

Implications of the Financial Meltdown for the Federal Trade Commission, J. Thomas Rosch, Commissioner, US Federal Trade Commission, January 2009 Roundtable of UK Competition Commission Members and eminent external participants to discuss competition in the recession, March 2009 The world turn’d upside down, Peter Freeman, Chairman of the UK Competition Commission, May 2009 Vigorous Antitrust […]


November 18th, 2009

Competition Policy and Financial Crises: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward, Report from the Nordic competition authorities Report on Government in Markets: Why Government Matters, UK Office of Fair Trading

November 12, 2009

November 12th, 2009

Today’s posting is dedicated to the Cartel Working Group, and special gratitude is due to the Egyptian Competition Authority, for their excellent hosting of the workshop last month, and to the Working Group Chairs, EU’s DG COMP and Hungary’s GVH. Vice Chair for Outreach, William E. Kovacic, US Federal Trade Commission  

The 2009 ICN Cartel Workshop, hosted by the Egyptian Competition Authority, was held from October 27th to 29th in Cairo. Two hundred delegates participated, including representatives of more than 60 competition agencies from around the world. To honor the 10th anniversary of the series of agency-hosted international cartel workshops, participants reflected on the last decade […]

The Cartel Working Group is planning a series of cartel enforcer discussions on adopting criminal sanctions for hard-core cartel conduct. The topic for the first session is “Drafting Legislation with Criminal Sanctions: Issues to Consider” was held on Nov 10. Stay tuned for further discussions. Subgroup 2 of the working group is undertaking a review […]