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  Many agencies issue annual reports, updates and other information about their activities. As a number of 2009/10 annual reports have recently been finalised, today’s sample links offer the opportunity to catch up on some of last year’s highlights and see how various agencies present their activities. Romania Ireland Netherlands Finland Bulgaria Czech Republic USA […]

  The Swedish Competition Authority has an ongoing project to raise the awareness of public procurement officers about bid-rigging. The initiative includes a checklist on how to recognise bid-rigging, a brochure with examples, and online ads. For more information, click here. Related to the topic, the Cartel Working Group has an upcoming project on cartel […]

Poland – 20th anniversary

June 29th, 2010

  A recap of recent conference in Warsaw to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection is available here. See previous blog entry about the anniversary here.

Online ‘Exclusive’

June 28th, 2010

  The Norwegian Competition Authority recently published its 2009 Annual Report, titled “Competition Policy Works!”, available here. Of note, for the first time, this report is published exclusively as an online version. In the Authority’s words: “[t]his is both environmentally sound and cost saving. At the same time, the publication is searchable and easy-to-follow.”


June 28th, 2010

  The Competition Commission of Mauritius has published its first report of an investigation under the Competition Act 2007, in the form of the Executive Director’s findings. The investigation concerned volume-related discounts for Kraft Cheese, a product with about a 90% share of the market for processed cheese in Mauritius and 70% share even of […]

  The World Bank is preparing a publication for policymakers about the benefits of competition. They are compiling examples from a variety of jurisdictions and in particular Bank recipient countries, and hope the report can serve as a useful reference to promote the benefits of competition and general outreach. The report will be based on […]

  The Competition Superintendence (CS) of El Salvador recently organized a competition advocacy training event aimed at its Facebook Group users. The CS promotes press releases, opinion articles, essays on competition issues, and invitations to training events through its Facebook Group. For more information on this innovative effort, click here.

  Many competition agencies offer subscriptions to electronic newsletters or email alerts about their activities and news. Here are a few examples: Portugal Australia European Union Ireland Poland Ukraine United Kingdom Zambia Sweden South Africa

  Reminiscent of a previous blog entry, later this week the Competition Commission of Mauritius is offering a screening of the 2009 movie The Informant! to promote awareness of the country’s competition laws, particularly the prohibition of price fixing and leniency program. If you are in Port Louis and want more details, click here. The […]

European Competition Day

June 22nd, 2010

  Last month, the Spanish Competition Commission hosted European Competition Day. Documents, photos, and videos from the event can be found here.