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Leniency Revisions – Korea

August 23rd, 2011

  The Korea Fair Trade Commission recently revised its leniency notification, for details see press release of 2011-08-05.

Merger Remedies – Canada

August 22nd, 2011

  The Canadian Competition Bureau recently released a summary of its Merger Remedies Study on the effectiveness of remedies obtained between 1995 and 2005.

Competition R&D – Sweden

August 17th, 2011

  What do private companies feel about municipal authorities being involved in activities that restrict competition? This is one of the areas for which research funds are being provided by Swedish Competition Authority. This year the Swedish Competition Authority will award just over five and a half million Swedish kronor to nine new research projects, […]

The Gambia: Update

August 10th, 2011

   The Gambia Competition Commission joined the ICN in May 2011. ICNBlog welcomes the GCC to the ICN and invites you to view links to its website media centre, its 2011-13 strategic plan, and information about recent GCC workshops addressing bid rigging and sector regulators (workshop documents available at the bottom of the page).

Zambia Update

August 9th, 2011

  Did you know that the Zambia Competition Commission changed its name to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission as a result of Zambia’s Competition and Consumer Protection Act of 2010? Also, earlier this year they joined Facebook – visit their page here.

Updates – Korea

August 3rd, 2011

  The Korea Fair Trade Commission recently released its 2011 Annual Report – a special edition report subtitled “30 Years of KFTC, Looking Back and Moving Forward” that not only covers the KFTC’s activities in 2010, but celebrates the KFTC’s 30th anniversary with a detailed section on the past, present, and future of the KFTC.

2011 ICN Cartel Workshop

August 2nd, 2011

  The website for the ICN Cartel Workshop 2011 is up, with information on the program, venue, and registration. The workshop is hosted by the European Commission, October 10-13.

  This brochure from the Japan Fair Trade Commission provides a basic overview of prohibited conduct under Japan’s Antimonopoly Act for the public. See the creative depictions of monopolization, refusal to deal, tying, and exclusive dealing among many other potential violations (including cartels and mergers). See a similar document in Japanese. Elsewhere, JFTC’s website portrays […]