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  According to the Fiscalía Nacional Económica (FNE) press release, on November 22, the TDLC approved the agreement signed between the FNE and Embotelladora Latinoamericana, Embotelladora Castel, Industrial and Comercial Lampa S.A., Sociedad Comercial Antillanca, Embotelladora Andina and Coca-Cola Embonor S.A. As a result, the trial against the latter two, principal bottling companies in Chile […]

  The European Commission has published a new brochure entitled “Compliance Matters” – found on a new webpage about compliance with reference materials and examples. The brochure summarizes the key competition rules companies need to respect, including the dangers involved in ignoring the law, and sets out practical steps that can be taken to ensure […]

  Among other areas, the CNC also focuses on the maritime transport sector and recently imposed two fines:  The CNC imposes fines on the shipping companies operating the Algeciras-Ceuta-Algeciras passenger transport line for taking part in a cartel.  The CNC fines hauliers from the port of Bilbao for being responsible for a cartel involved in […]

  The Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority, the competition authority and utility regulator for Jersey in the Channel Islands, is currently recruiting for two roles: a Competition and Markets Manager, ideally with a strong background in competition economics, and a Regulation & Markets Manager, particularly focused on the telecommunications sector. As a small authority, the roles […]

  The Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection recently published a report on the pay television competition in Poland, read about it here.

  The ABA Antitrust Section’s Unilateral Conduct Committee presents a Committee Program on Remedies in Monopolization Cases.  The program will explore the thorny question of remedies for single firm anticompetitive conduct, including the structural, behavioral and damages remedies, from the EU and US perspectives. Panelists will discuss the efficacy of remedies in high tech and […]

Update from the ICN NGA Liason

November 18th, 2011

  Dear ICN Community, The ICN recently turned 10 years old so I would like to welcome everyone to the first ICN update of the ICN’s second decade! As a reminder, the overarching vision for the ICN’s second decade was presented at the 2011 ICN Annual Conference in The Hague, following consultations with members and […]

Updates – Tanzania

November 17th, 2011

  The second edition of the Fair Competition Commission’s online newsletter is available, including an article about recent FCC advocacy efforts at 4-5.  In additional Tanzanian news, the Tanzania Fair Competition Tribunal has become the ICN’s 123rd member. ICNBlog welcomes the FCT!

Updates – Kazakhstan

November 17th, 2011

  On October 10th, an international conference devoted to the 20th Anniversary of the antimonopoly authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held in Almaty.  The speeches and presentations of participants on topics such as cartels and competition advocacy have been posted. Happy anniversary to the Antimonopoly Agency!

  Explaining the benefits of competition is a challenge for many competition agencies, particularly younger agencies. Strategies and approaches on how better to explain the benefits of competition to a variety of stakeholders, including the media, legislators, government, public authorities, business, and the general public, as well as how to evaluate, measure and present effects […]