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The Italian Competition Authority re-launches its “Temi e Problemi” working paper series, which host contributions from the Authority staff on antitrust and consumer protection matters. In this issue, the economist Notaro applies a number of empirical methods to the pasta cartel, uncovered by the Italian Competition Authority in 2007. The paper contributes to the on-going […]

On 12 April 2013, the Swedish Market Court (the Market Court) ordered the Swedish telecom operator Telia Sonera Sverige AB (Telia Sonera) to pay an administrative fine amounting to SEK 35 000 000 (approximately € 4 000 000) for having abused its dominant position in the broadband market, ADSL, through a margin squeeze. In doing […]

On 8 March 2013, the results of the Inquiry entitled “Enhanced Effectiveness of Competition Law Enforcement” were presented to the Swedish Government. This follows the launch by the Swedish Government of an inquiry into certain aspects of the Swedish legislation governing the enforcement powers of the Swedish Competition Authority (SCA) on 26 April 2012. The […]

“10 plenary sessions, over 30 working groups’ meetings – these are results of the three-day International Competition Network Conference (ICN) hosted by UOKiK and concerning, inter alia, the cooperation of antimonopoly authorities with courts, establishing and forming the competition protection authorities in Eastern Europe, and the effective cartel detection. Next year the Network meeting will […]

Cartel Workshop

May 2nd, 2013

Follow developments on the ICN 2013 Cartel Workshop – hosted by the Competition Commission of South Africa, 15-18 October – on twitter: https://twitter.com/ICNcartelSA2013

“This was probably the first time we saw a President of a host country (Poland) inaugurating the Annual ICN Conference that itself reflects the significance of Competition/Antitrust in the modern regulatory architecture necessary for economic growth. UoKIK (Polish Competition Authority) hosted the conference to discuss the greatest challenges of antimonopoly law over three days of […]

Last week, ICN Steering Group Chair, Eduardo Pérez Motta (President of the Mexican Federal Competition Commission) and Joaquín Almunia (Vice President of the European Commission and EU Commissioner) published an article on competition and its role in economic growth entitled “The Competition Factor.”

2013 Annual Conference

May 1st, 2013

For more on last week’s 12th ICN annual conference, see the press releases from the terrific hosts of the conference: the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, aka UOKiK. See UOKiK news from last week here, here (includes information on the host’s special project), and here.