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The Institute of Competition Law – the publisher of Concurrences Journal – will hold on March 25, 2014, with the support of Bill Kovacic and the George Washington University Competition Law Center, the third edition of the “Antitrust Writing Awards.” The Antitrust Writing Awards Editorial Committee is currently selecting papers published or accepted for publication […]

  Happy holidays to all of our members and NGAs.  To learn more about recent ICN activities click here for the December 2013 ICN Steering Group Chair’s update.

  The ICN UCWG’s report on the analysis of loyalty discounts and rebates (2009) identifies a range of views as to the appropriate legal framework for analysing this type of unilateral conduct. While some agencies consider loyalty rebates and discounts as equivalent to offering a price discount on a single product and apply a standard […]

  Earlier this year, Mr. Andreas Mundt was elected to be the new ICN Chair. He will be joined by the ICN Vice Chairs Mr. Bruno Lasserre and Mr. Vinicius Marques de Carvalho, responsible for member and NGA engagement, and outreach and implementation, respectively. Join them as they: 1. Give an overview of their “Roadmap […]